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Case Study: Joe’s Bakery – a collaboration between Nick Cole Photography and Kerslake Design

When you create a new website, capturing the essence of your business is so important. Simply showing what you do isn’t enough any more. It’s essential to connect emotionally if you want your customers to engage with your products and services. An opportunity to collaborate Recently I had an opportunity to work with Martin Kerslake from Kerslake Design. As a…
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Business storytelling photography with a baker cutting freshly proven artisan bread just before baking

How do you make a business story?

A great business story needs to engage emotionally to be successful. If it feels superficial, fake or poorly crafted it’s unlikely to resonate with your audience. We’ve talked about setting the scene and using a storyboard framework to give your story structure. Let’s explore a few ideas here to make your storytelling even more successful and supercharge your engagement. Make…
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What is the purpose of storytelling?

Storytelling has evolved over millennia with the purpose of sharing information, educating or entertaining our audience. In society storytellers are seen as valued members of a community. If we know a great storyteller, we’ll often gather around, waiting to be entertained. We’re a social species and we’re hard wired to tune in and engage with stories. And a great story…
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