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For some people they know early on they want to be a photographer. Many are inspired by fashion or sport, for others they take a different path. Nick founded Nick Cole Business Photography in 2017. In the years before this Nick had always been involved in the creative aspects of marketing, in his career in FMCG as a Sales & Marketing Manager.

Through his corporate career Nick was always interested in people, how people when photographed correctly unlock a number of visual stories. An iconic image that has stayed with Nick is the portrait of Churchill by Yousuf Karsh. There’s a wonderful story describing how Yousuf captured a belligerent expression from Churchill, communicating his steely determination as Britain’s Prime Minister during the war.

Nick was drawn towards combining his corporate experience and his passion for photography and concentrating on business photography. Having a corporate background helps Nick to put clients at ease. Not just for the photography, but the clear understanding of the business need. Be the requirement a headshot or business story telling shoot, Nick is able to capture the look, the feel and the personality of the individual or the business.

So many people have an instant resistance to having their photograph taken. Even if they are just in the background, Nick is able to create the right atmosphere and environment for any shoot.

For Nick one aspect of his business which is transformational is the edit. It’s taking the images from a photoshoot, curating a final selection and then enhancing them so they connect with the viewer, no mean feat.

Working with Nick Cole Business Photography is about authentic photography. A real image, a real person and a real business story with every click of the camera. There are many photographers available to choose from, but when you choose to work with Nick, you are working with a fellow professional. A professional who clearly understands the need of the business and the impact of the image.

Clients of Nick Cole Business Photography very rarely are a one-off client. They use Nick time and time again for everything from new staff headshots, recording an event or telling an ongoing business story. Take a look at the many case studies and testimonials within the website and the company that Nick Cole Business Photography keeps, including when the Prince became a King.

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