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Headshot of Nick Cole, Chippenham Photographer from Nick Cole Photography

I’m Nick, a Chippenham based photographer, and I take photographs of business owners that they are proud to share. Great images don’t simply look nice, they tell a story. I specialise in helping people bring their business vision to life, by taking photographs that reflect where they’re going.

So, if you’re ready to grow your business, you need quality images.

Why photography is important for your business

Creating photographic content that’s aligned with your brand, your copy and your core messages, helps reduce the distance between you and your audience. Authentic images let people imagine how it would feel to work with you. It helps them picture how you do what you do and allows them to envision themselves enjoying the experience!

What might your photos look like?

It could be a traditional headshot with a neutral background or it could be a headshot taken on-location. Although I’m a Chippenham based photographer, I travel to ensure the photos reflect the location where my clients are based. Photos of you in action, acting natural, are great for storytelling and personal branding, while commercial marketing images bring you, your team and your service to life.

Ultimately, each set of photos will ‘look’ very different, as your brief will be different to the next person’s. But the aim is the same: to create authentic, dynamic and compelling images that leave your audience wanting to engage with your business.

Helping you overcome nerves

For many of you, the thought of a photo session might fill you with dread!

You may feel self-conscious about how you’ll look, or worry how you’ll come across in your photos. It’s totally natural! You put a lot of thought and care into what you do, of course you want your photos to do your work justice.

I’ll guide you at every stage. I’ll get to know you first, what your business plans are and how you intend to use the images. This allows us to create something that truly reflects your vision. And taking it one step at a time helps reduce stress, so all you have to do is enjoy the experience…

And if you’re still a little unsure, have a look at the photos on the site and let me know… how many of those people look nervous? I promise, it’s actually a lot of fun!

The graphic below gives an overview of how things work. My aim is simple: to create photography that helps you grow your business.

If you’d like business photography that reflects where you’re going, not where you are, get in touch.

Your photo session: the process

From enquiry to receiving your final images, the experience is straightforward, stress-free and enjoyable. Here’s what to expect…

Visual showing how to book a photo session and how it works with Nick Cole Photography

Although I’m a photographer located in Chippenham, I travel to my clients’ locations and the initial complimentary consultation call can be arranged by telephone or video call.

Headshot of young lady with deep red dress

 I would highly recommend Nick for headshots, especially for those looking to build their personal brand. 

Nick is an extremely talented photographer. The photoshoot was a comfortable and relaxing experience and Nick was great at finding the right angles and looks to fit the purpose of the photos such as social media, websites, and LinkedIn banners.

Rhoda Brain, Marketing Consultant

Headshot of Liz Jones with a Cotswold stone backdrop by Nick Cole Photography

Nick was very easy to work with, and managed to get a good selection of shots that reflect my personality and the image I want to project.

I felt quite nervous before the photoshoot – like so many people, I don’t much like having my picture taken. I’ve been working on a rebrand for my business, and needed a set of professional headshots to match my new website.  Nick understood my needs perfectly and set me at ease, and it was all very simple and painless! I’ll be happy to use these photos in various places for a long time, bringing more consistency and professionalism to my brand.

Liz Jones, Responsive Editing

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