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Business branding photography with confident business owners
Does your business photography reflect the quality of your work?

You’re clear on your brand, the direction you’re heading, and how you see the business growing. Your photography needs to be as engaging as you are to take you to the next level.

I help you create headshots, personal branding and business storytelling photography that speaks to your ideal clients. Professional, on-brand photographs capture what you do; they show the human face of your brand.

When people can see you, when the images are good quality and authentic, there’s a much greater chance that they’ll connect with you and what your business represents. And an audience that’s bought into what you do is better for business.

My aim is simple: to create photography that helps you grow your business. I promise, I’ll do everything I can to ensure you have a great experience. Yes, even if you’re worried about being in front of the camera!

Based in Wiltshire, I work with clients across the South West, from Bristol to Bath, Somerset, the Cotswolds and beyond.

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Feeling nervous about having your photo taken?

You’re not alone! Everyone feels a little apprehensive at first, whether naturally camera-shy or super confident. It’s understandable. For most of us, a family snap at birthdays and Christmas is as close to ‘photography’ as we get and the unfamiliar can feel daunting.

The important thing to know, is that you will be in good hands. My job is to guide, support and encourage you throughout the process, so you relax and we capture the best images possible. You might be surprised to hear that most people enjoy the process once they’ve settled in – and they often comment on how much fun they’ve had!

Still not convinced?

Here’s a challenge for you: take a look at the photographs on the site. Would you feel happy approaching any of these people in a business setting – would you buy into what they do? I’m guessing the answer is yes! And yet everyone arrives with a few butterflies in the stomach.

With a clear brief, professional guidance and a willingness to show up and be seen, there’s no reason why nerves should stand in the way of the quality personal branding photography you deserve.

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Headshot of Nick Cole, Chippenham Photographer from Nick Cole Photography
People photography for growth-minded businesses

You’re skilled at what you do, have great clients and an interesting story to tell. The right images convey that sense of confidence. They capture what makes your business unique, showcase your talents and demonstrate the difference you make to your customers.

I’m a people photographer working in Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol and the surrounding areas. My focus is on helping established businesses take it to the next level with engaging images that tell a story. Your story. With a background in marketing and sales, I understand the challenges business owners face. Professional, well-thought-out photography creates a great first impression; I’ll guide you every step of the way so you feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

The process begins with a complimentary consultation call. It’s an opportunity to share what you’d like to achieve or the project you’re working on. We can then explore a few ideas – there’s absolutely no hard sell. It’s a chance to get to know one another and to decide if I’m the right photographer for you.

More about Nick and why he believes in the power of storytelling photography.

Personal branding photo of Bath based Art Centre Director

Kat Dawe Schmeisser, The Art Cohort

Nick’s artistry and eye for colour and detail is wonderful

The photos were simply stunning. Clean, fresh and very in keeping with our brand. I’m delighted to highly recommend Nick’s work.

Tim Fussell, Fussels Fine Foods

It’s always good to do business with good people

And Nick delivers on all levels. Thank you for some wonderful photographs and an opportunity to extend our reach just when we need it.

Heidi Stephens, Marketing Consultant

Loved my personal branding photography session

Nick took time to understand exactly what I needed and find out a bit about my personality, so the photos really brought that to life. Great fun to work with.

6 ways personal branding photography helps grow your business

You might be surprised at how impactful your images are…

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Book your consultation call. There’s no obligation and it might just help you imagine how your photos could look…