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A great business story needs to engage emotionally to be successful. If it feels superficial, fake or poorly crafted it’s unlikely to resonate with your audience.

We’ve talked about setting the scene and using a storyboard framework to give your story structure. Let’s explore a few ideas here to make your storytelling even more successful and supercharge your engagement.

  • Make it personal. Businesses are sharing more personal stories about their employees and their customers. They’re exploring their background, their journey, what they do and what motivates them. It’s a great way to humanise your business. I saw an example recently where a photography software business wanted to appeal to and support their neuro diverse customers. As part of their communication plan they created a visual storytelling blog and a podcast to shine a light on the issue. What a brilliant way to showcase how you tailor your product to a diverse customer base.
  • Get your customers involved in your business storytelling. What better way to showcase how you help your customers than to get your customers involved in telling the story. Creating photography that shows these valuable interactions is so powerful. It creates a window into your world and personalises your approach. Why not get your customers on board and share images of your team interacting with them.
  • Show and share what you believe in. When we buy products and services it’s not all about the price. Customers are becoming far more sophisticated. They want to know about your sourcing policies, your community projects, your carbon footprint and lots more. If you’ve developed CSR strategies and you have stories to share, let your customers know about them. These are fantastic opportunities to create rich photographic storytelling content that shows you really do care.
Are you ready to elevate your business storytelling photography?

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