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Storytelling has evolved over millennia with the purpose of sharing information, educating or entertaining our audience.

In society storytellers are seen as valued members of a community. If we know a great storyteller, we’ll often gather around, waiting to be entertained. We’re a social species and we’re hard wired to tune in and engage with stories.

And a great story can turn what appears to be a series of unrelated and uninspiring facts, into a piece of work with depth and structure. It becomes something we can engage with and share with others.

If we look back into history, from the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, Aboriginal cave drawings, to the Bayeux Tapestry, images have always been used to bring stories to life. These works of art were created in a time when a large proportion of the population couldn’t read or write, but they could still understand the message by reading a visual story.

This approach has evolved and now we combine images with words to create engaging and powerful stories. The use of simple headlines and powerful images connects and tells a story in a moment. If our interest has been piqued, we’re far more likely to explore the subject and delve deeper.

In summary, the purpose of storytelling is to share complicated ideas so they’re easier to understand.

So next time you have a complicated message to communicate, try and share it in the form of a story. Think of a situation that allows you to bring your content to life. Make it interesting and relatable and maybe add a little humour too!

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