How can storytelling be used in a professional setting?

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We’ve talked about using a storyboard to help you create the structure for your business story. Storytelling can be used in a professional setting in many other ways.

Here’s a few simple ideas you can use to create your business photography story and use storytelling in a professional setting.

  • Sharing a journey based on time is a simple technique to tell a story through photography. Show the viewer the start, middle and end of your story with a triptych. A triptych is a series of three images and is perfect for visual storytelling. A series of three images looks visually balanced, it’s easy to absorb quickly and works perfectly in a landscape format on a web page or magazine feature.
  • Showing who you are, what you do and what your customer is left with is a great way to create a photographic business story if you’re a maker or creator. The three step process allows your audience to get to know you, see you in action and finally they have a vision of the transformation once they’ve worked with you. This approach works really well for businesses that make and sell a product. For example jewellery, landscape gardening and building.
  • The story arc is another great technique. A story arc helps us show a common problem, the solution in action and finally reveal the end result showing a successful outcome. You’ll often see this used in the healthcare, fitness or beauty industries, where they’re selling products or services that offer a very personal transformation process.
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