Corporate marketing photography with farm shop manager carrying sack of potatoes at Allington Farm shop in Wiltshire

How do businesses do storytelling? You know you’re looking at a great business story when it flows and feels natural. That’s storytelling at its best.

Combining simple storytelling images with great copy is a great way to engage your audience. Your images build a quick emotional connection and the copy reinforces the message and adds the details.

Here’s a few techniques commonly used by businesses when they’re creating their storytelling photography and copy.

  • Make it memorable. Your images need to register and have an immediate impact with the viewer. If they’re bland and boring, you’re unlikely to create a connection.
  • Entertain your audience. Mix up your images with something unusual – make them laugh as you tell the story. Humour is a great way to make your story memorable and they might even share it with someone else!
  • Take your audience on a journey. Does your story have a start, middle and end? In the next section we talk about triptychs and the story arc which are simple techniques to help you develop your visual story.
  • Inspire them! Most of us buy a product or a service because we need to solve a problem. As you take them on a journey, make them feel inspired to work with you, your product or service. And as part of your story show them how their problem has been resolved.
  • Create relatable content. If your visual story talks to your target audience, they’ll resonate with your content. You want them to think “yeah that’s me – they really get me”. Try and avoid using stock photography especially when it doesn’t reflect your target audience. Ask yourself if any stock photography you’ve used feels culturally aligned to your target audience. Investing in bespoke photography will allow you to create a visual story that’s targeted and bespoke to your business which will immediately feel more relatable.
  • Show real examples. Case studies, client transformations and real world problems solved are great business stories to share. Introducing previous clients into your stories and showing how they felt before, during and after working with you is a great way to build trust too.
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