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You’ll find lots of definitions of storytelling in business, but let’s try and keep it simple here.

It’s all about using a story structure to keep your audience engaged in what you have to say.

Just think about some of the presentations you’ve sat through over the years.

There’s the presentation that rambles on far too long. There’s no energy, no structure, no anecdotes. It’s all text and no images and you’re left thinking “what was that all about”.

And then there’s the presentation that kicks off with energy and a powerful statement. There’s relevant examples, engaging photography and a structure that shows how it all connects together. You’re left with a clear conclusion and clarity on what to do next.

In the second example, by using a storytelling structure, we’re taking the audience on a journey which keeps them interested in what we have to say. Stories when they’re told well, feel relatable and easy to understand. You’re offering clarity rather than confusion in a powerful and memorable format.

We shouldn’t forget the power of photography in business storytelling. It’s most effective when you combine a written or spoken story with photography that compliments and enhances your story.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts a photograph connects with your audience at an emotional level. If you can combine your images with a great written or a spoken story, your audience will engage at a much deeper level.

Storytelling in business is such a powerful technique and can be used for internal and external communications. So don’t restrict storytelling to the sales and marketing process, why not explore how you could use storytelling across all parts of your business.

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