What is the key element for successful corporate storytelling?

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Corporate marketing photography with Bath Rugby Academy coach talking to a group of children at Odd Down Sports Centre in Bath

The key element for successful corporate storytelling is all about creating memorable content that connects and engages at an emotional level.

When we think of corporate communication we often think of external comms. But what about the internal communication to educate, motivate and develop your employees.

Corporates often have lofty mission statements and present their vision and values around the office. But these carefully crafted values can easily get lost or forgotten as the day to day business priorities take over.

Simply presenting the business’s visions and values at the annual conference isn’t enough to develop the culture of an organisation.

For teams and individuals to understand the values they need to see examples so they know what to aim for.

And this is where using the key element for successful corporate storytelling can make a huge difference.

Imagine you have 5 core values centred around

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Customer Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Cost control and profitability
  • Wellbeing

In isolation these all appear pretty dry and we might struggle to think how they would apply to our team or role.

But imagine if teams were encouraged to show how their activities aligned to the core values with a prize awarded for teams that excelled in each category.

Once we start sharing examples we’re storytelling and our activities come to life. Our achievements become interesting, relatable and memorable.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

A company has decided to work with three local charities and employees are encouraged to support the charities with fundraising. One of the local charities is a respite centre that gives children with life limiting illnesses some time away from home so their parents can have a break and recharge.

The finance team organised a charity bike ride and a baking competition and raised £800. Not only did they get involved in their community, they brought it to life with some amazing storytelling photography that captured the fun, energy and team building.


Following a two year project the business had recently patented a new product that would give them a market leading edge. It was in the final stages of development and would be ready to launch in six months. The success required a multi-disciplinary approach to deliver the launch on time, and the final stage would be to effectively market the new product to their customer base.

The development team shared a visual story of the innovation project, how the new product would be used and how it would help their customers. A visual story that brought the whole project to life.

I’ve described a couple of examples here where storytelling has been used to communicate internally. I’m sure you’ll agree the techniques used here will work just effectively with external communications, whether it’s with your stakeholders or customers.

So next time you’re creating some content it might be worth considering how you could build storytelling into your presentation.

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