Personal branding photography near Bath with Rachel Woods of Coach in Nature

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Personal branding photography of female coach exploring nature near Bath
Rachel Woods of Coach in Nature recently launched her business with a clear vision and a refreshing style of coaching. With an investment in personal branding photography, Rachel now has a selection of images that reflect her unique approach.

With a background in HR, an accredited coach and expertise in coaching supervision, Rachel is quickly creating a unique place in the coaching arena. With the option to work with clients in a natural environment the office has been replaced with the outdoors.

As I discovered during our personal branding photography session, talking while you walk is an immersive experience. And there’s so much to connect with while you’re out in nature. From wide-open vistas, the ever changing weather and the abundance of life beneath your feet.

But this wasn’t a coaching session, it was a personal branding shoot!

We start planning your personal branding session with your consultation call.

This is where we talk about your business and explore what makes you different. We’ll discuss the style of photography, location ideas and the messages you want to communicate.

Our objective is to tell a story about what you do and allow potential clients to imagine themselves working with you. So no studio backgrounds for this shoot. Our backdrop was the great outdoors, winding paths, dappled light and Rachel interacting with nature.

Sometimes as we work through the planning stage, my clients realise they need to do a little more work to define their brand. If you’re looking for some direction, I’ve created a series of personal branding photography guides to help you consider the options.

If you prefer to chat you can book a complimentary consultation call and share a few ideas with me. Every photo session is different, so I welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business.

Personal branding photography has helped me communicate with clarity in a way that feels deeply congruent with who I am and what I do. Nick helped me feel at ease, prepared me and was happy to answer any question, no matter how silly it may have been. I’m very pleased with the results and the pictures feel authentic. He met me in my element, an outdoor space where I’m comfortable and it shows in the results. I have no reservations in recommending Nick’s work.


Rachel Woods, Director Coach in Nature

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