How do you prepare for a personal branding photoshoot?

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If you’ve decided to invest in a personal branding photoshoot you’ll probably be asking yourself… what do I do first and how do I prepare for the photo session?

My advice is to shortlist 2-3 photographers and ask them how they’ll help you prepare for your personal branding photoshoot.

It’s really important you like a photographers work , but you’ll also want to develop a great connection and feel confident they’ll guide you through the process.

When I’m talking to new clients I encourage them to ask lots of questions. I guide them through the process and the three stages we use for every personal branding photoshoot.

First there’s the planning stage, followed by the photoshoot itself and then finally there’s the edit and delivery of the final images.

The planning stage is by far the most important stage. 

This is where you’ll define the brief and explore:

  • Your message and how you want to come across
  • How you feel about having your photo taken
  • The style of photography
  • The visual stories you want to bring to life
  • Outfit choices
  • Location ideas
  • Where the images will be used, e.g. for web, on social media or in print
  • Graphic design elements that need to be considered

Skip or rush through the planning stage and you could end up with a set of photos that don’t feel like you or connect with your audience. Take your time, do the prep and you’ll find the rest of the process runs smoothly.

Occasionally the planning stage highlights areas that need clarification. If that’s the case, it’s best to step back and clarify anything you’re not sure about before you set up the photoshoot.

If you’d like to find out more about creating your branding photos, I’ve written a series of personal branding photography FAQs. Clients often ask me these questions, so I hope you find them helpful.

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