Corporate marketing photography - image from a series capturing a range of emotions for the charity Action on Addiction

Imagine a powerful photograph that draws you in, takes you on a journey and leaves you wanting to know more. This is storytelling through photography.

When we see a page of text it can be hard to quickly absorb the content and understand the main message. That’s why copywriters break up text with headlines and subheadings to help you navigate more easily.

What’s amazing about the human brain is our ability to scan and process an image in seconds and much faster than ploughing through pages of text.

Storytelling through photography also helps you create an emotional connection with the viewer and immerse them in what you have to say.

When we create a storytelling image we can guide the viewer and intentionally develop or reinforce the message we want to share.

You could create a photographic story using a single image. Alternatively you could develop the story with a series of images, like the chapters in a book, gradually revealing more information as you build a picture.

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