Naseem Talukdar: Personal branding photography, Bristol

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Branding photo of Naseem Talukdar holding a waste plastic bottle on the Bristol harbourside

Naseem is well known in Bristol and he wants to make a difference.

Naseem is on a mission when it comes to the environment and reducing single-use plastic waste.

Angela Bellasie from PR The Write Way, introduced me to Naseem. They’ve worked together for a while building the awareness of Naseem’s environmental projects. But they realised Naseem was missing a set of personal branding photos to use in his marketing and PR.

It’s important for Naseem to connect with his audience with confidence and authority. Whether he’s talking about environmental issues, reducing plastic waste in Indian restaurants or helping to educate the next generation. And he needs to be approachable and recognisable as he builds his presence across a broad range of projects and interests.

I’m sure Naseem won’t mind me saying, the photos he’d been using were a mix of quickly grabbed phone snaps taken at various events over the years. They lacked consistency and they definitely didn’t show Naseem looking his best. Naseem realised his personal branding images needed a refresh.

Collage of personal branding photos of Naseem Talukdar taken on the Bristol harbourside

Really enjoyed my personal branding photo session with Nick Cole. Despite rough weather we managed to take some really cool shots. Highly reccommended! Naseem Talukdar

Your personal branding photos are an essential part of your marketing toolkit

As with any marketing spend, there’s a cost attached to creating your personal branding photos – but Naseem saw it as an investment. He’d finally have a set of images he could use for social media, on his LinkedIn profile, in press articles and presentations, refreshed and aligned with his brand. No more hunting around at the last minute looking for a photo to use in a press release or a social media post.

Collage of personal branding photos of Naseem Talukdar taken on the Bristol harbourside

It’s important to feel a connection with your photographer

When a new client gets in touch I set up an initial phone call or zoom. It’s a chance for the client to ask lots of questions and to help them decide if they connect with me. I can also explore their motivations and dig into their brand identity a little. What do they do, what makes them different and who do they want to connect with? We’ll also explore how they want to use their photos and how they feel about being photographed.

Getting in front of the camera is a big deal for most people – after all, you’re showing yourself to the world. It’s important you feel a connection and you trust your photographer and they understand what you’re trying to achieve. If you have a good connection you’ll feel more relaxed and that results in better photos!

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