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Personal branding photo of Bristol based blogpost host with colourful background and text overlay

You may know Laura Summerhayes, Bristol based wordsmith from Great Copy Matters. Laura’s known for creating engaging copy and helping businesses show what they do best.

2021 kicked off an exciting new side project for Laura with the launch of her podcast The Ordinary Extra, where ordinary people have an opportunity to share the extraordinary moments in their life. I can’t wait to hear some of the guests Laura’s lined up, for what I’m sure will be a series of uplifting and very relatable stories.

The podcast launch is a new venture for Laura. Distinct from the copywriting business, it’s a way for Laura to pursue her personal interests – meeting and getting to know people! The podcast branding needed to reflect the separation from the business side, as well as capture the look and feel of this project.

So, back in December she asked me to help her create a new set of branding images for the podcast. Laura was keen to create images that captured the essence of Bristol. The harbourside is perfect for this kind of shoot, with interesting corners, iconic views, full sun, shade and plain backdrops all on hand. Having lots of choice doesn’t just deliver variety though – it’s also great for creating energy and building character in the photos too.

Here’s a small selection of the images from the photo session.

I recently worked with Nick on a personal branding shoot and I was impressed from start to finish. Communication was clear, the process seamless and the experience was fun.  Laura Summerhayes, The Ordinary Extra. 

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