Lockdown, a personal project

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Our movements have been severely restricted over recent weeks and life has taken on a very different pace. 

Everyone’s personal circumstances are different. For some there’s been personal loss and time away from loved ones. For others long working hours to maintain essential services and worries about financial security.

But there’s also been an opportunity to slow down, create, connect and enjoy the beauty and simple pleasures around us.  

Here’s a small selection of photographs I’ve taken over the last two months. With local walks, small corners at home and my community doorstep photography project in Chippenham, Wiltshire. 

There’s plenty of routes this project could have taken. But in the end I decided to focus on the benefits of getting outdoors, community and the beauty that’s all around us.  

If you’re interested in creating your own project, here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Be intentional with your photography – think about the image you’re trying to create before you take the shot.
  2. Tell a story with your photos and think about how they connect together.
  3. Make sure your camera or smart phone is always nearby. As the saying goes “the best camera is the one you have with you!”
  4. Look for beauty in the everyday.
  5. Search out interesting light and learn to see the different qualities in light.
  6. Play around with shadows and highlights – they’ll add depth and dimension to your photos.
  7. Photograph early and late in the day – when the sun is lower in the sky the light has more character.
  8. Have fun with composition and angles. Have a go at changing your position. Try holding your camera up high or lower down. If you’re photographing children get down to their level and see the world from their perspective.
  9. Be curious and play around with your technique – over time you’ll hone your skills and develop your own style.
  10. Save your favourites and print them so you can enjoy them every day.


And of course, if you’d like me to help you with a project, I’d love to hear all about your plans!