Covid 19 – a personal note

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It’s times like this when you really value your friends, family and your community.

We’ll all face different challenges over the coming weeks and months. But we’ll also see incredible acts of kindness and generosity and our communities will be stronger when this is all over.

As we learn to live with tighter restrictions and social distancing, we’re finding new ways to connect. Technophobes are exploring on line video and businesses are adapting in ways they never thought possible with their teams working from home.

At the weekend we took part in a quiz over Zoom with friends across the southwest and Facetimed my 7 year-old niece and nephew, who took great delight in sticking the camera up their nose (bio-hazard alert!) and charging round the house till I was dizzy just watching them. We’ve also planned a “Come Dine Without Me” with friends in a week or so and I know it’ll be hilarious (menu planning and streaming platform still to be agreed!)

I’ve resisted the Joe Wicks workouts so far (I’ll leave that to my children!) and instead I’ll head out for a long walk armed with my Spotify playlist. I need the sun on my skin and some fresh air in my lungs! I know I’m lucky to live in a rural county where we have space to get outdoors safely. Let’s hope the restrictions on movement will allow us all to keep doing this.

When I look back at the developing situation in China before Christmas, it seemed so far away. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking it would never happen to us, but the combination of our highly connected world and a new contagious virus ensured that every corner of the world was affected in just a few weeks.

My wife Gaynor, works as a Practice Manager in a GP surgery, and we have other family members on the NHS front line, working under incredible pressure to deliver world class health care to protect the most vulnerable. It’s very real when you hear about the daily challenges to maintain services, whilst juggling precious resources and managing high levels of staff sickness and self-isolation. Thank you to them all and I hope they remain safe and strong during these challenging times.

My work as a photographer is on hold for now. With the restrictions on movement it’s not safe to connect on location with the businesses and families I normally work with. It’s difficult to tell how quickly life will return to normal – only time will tell. For now I think it’s incredibly important to try and keep things in perspective, reach out to the vulnerable, stay healthy and connect socially in whatever way works for you.

As spring arrives and the days get longer, I wish you all the best and hope you and your families stay safe and well over the coming weeks.


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