What does a headshot photo look like?

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In the article “what is headshot photography” I likened a headshot to a visual handshake.

When someone looks at your headshot for the first time, they need to feel a sense of warmth and trust.

We’re bombarded with images and marketing copy from every angle so your headshot photo needs to connect quickly.

So what does a headshot photo look like? A headshot is a photograph of one person where the face or the head and shoulders are the most prominent feature in the photograph. The background may add some context, especially with an environmental headshot, however it shouldn’t distract from the face.

If you have a look at profile pictures on LinkedIn, you’ll realise how important it is to create impact quickly. If your face is too small your headshot is unlikely to engage effectively.

Over recent years however, the rules around headshot styles have relaxed significantly. Our work outfits have become less formal and there’s no longer a ‘one size fits all’ approach to headshots. There’s no longer a single definition to what does a headshot photo look like. It’s now perfectly acceptable to reveal your personality, as long as it’s consistent with your personal brand.

When I’m discussing headshots with a new client, I’ll ask a series of questions. It’s important to get to know them better and find out what makes them tick, before I start photographing.

I’ll often ask them…

  • What their profession is?
  • What they do and who they help
  • How they want to come across
  • How they feel about being photographed?
  • Is there a particular style they like?
  • Do they have any thoughts on a studio headshot vs an environmental headshot?
  • How will they be using their headshots?

These are just few questions to get the conversation going. It’s normally quite free-flowing so I can build a picture of their personality and how they see themselves.

If you’d like to find out more, I’ve written a series of headshot photography FAQs. Clients often ask me these questions, so I hope you find them helpful.    

If you prefer a chat instead, or you’d like to plan a headshot session you can book a complimentary consultation call here. 

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