Headshot Photography

You don’t know you need a great headshot until you need one!

Imagine a national newspaper decides to publish your article or you’ve been invited to speak at a conference at short notice.  This is exactly what happened to a client recently.  Martin Grimwood, Insight Director in the financial services sector helps firms navigate the complex area of Consumer Duty. Martin pitched an article to the Financial Times Adviser. They liked it…
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Relaxed headshot male market research director

How much of your body is in a headshot?

How much of your body is in a headshot? When you’re photographing a headshot it’s worth taking a few moments to remember the purpose of a headshot.  In the article “what is headshot photography” we look at this in more detail and explore five components of a great headshot.  Composition (cropping) The background Eye contact  Expression  Personality  Let’s take a…
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Warm and relaxed headshot of a male business owner wearing a blue suit and open neck white shirt

What are headshots and who uses them?

In the article “what is headshot photography” we explore the building blocks of a great headshot and where they’re commonly used. We also defined a headshot as a photographic image, where the focus is typically on the head and shoulders.  Hopefully that article answers in depth what are headshots and who uses them. There are three elements you’ll find in…
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Relaxed headshot of a female HR business owner

What should a headshot include?

There’s a few basics we need to get right in every headshot. Before we dive into what a headshot should include, let’s quickly consider why it’s important to have a great headshot. Your headshot creates an initial connection with a new customer, colleague, or maybe someone who’s reading an article you’ve published. They might see your headshot on LinkedIn, another…
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Relaxed headshot of a male consultant with shirt and tie