How much does a headshot photographer cost?

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If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your headshot, you may have been asking how much does a headshot photographer cost.

You’ll quickly realise there are lots of options which can make it quite difficult to compare one photographer with another.

How much does a headshot photographer cost? Typically, a headshot session can range from £25 to £1000 plus.

The price you’ll pay will be based on a number of factors including the photographer’s experience, what’s included and the location.

Here’s a rough guide to get started

  • From £25 – £50 for a hobbyist
  • From £50 – £125 for a photographer that’s just starting out
  • From £125 – £500 for a professional photographer
  • £1000+ for a celebrity headshot photographer

Location is important too. You’ll pay a premium in London or a big city where costs and overheads are higher.

What’s included in the package?

Headshot packages can be structured in many ways.

You might pay a photo session fee and then any images are charged as an extra. The photo session may be time based or it could be a package that includes the session fee, editing and the images.

You’ll want to find out how long the photo session takes and will it allow for outfit or location changes. If this is important to you, maybe the photo session can be adapted or extended to meet your needs.

It’s also worth exploring the licensing arrangements. Some licensing arrangements can be quite restrictive, allowing images to be used in specific media and regions only. They may also have a time limitation. Make sure the licensing arrangements meet your requirements, now and in the future.

Checkout how many images you’ll receive to proof and how many final images you’ll receive as well.

A professional photographer will also deliver you a great experience. You should expect a secure on-line or in-person delivery service and ideally they should provide high resolution images for print and an additional set optimised for your website and social media.

Location is important

There’s two aspects to location to consider.

  1. Is the photo shoot in a studio or on location. Larger studios will have higher overheads so often you will see the cost of running the studio built into the price.
  2. Location based shoots may also cost more as there may be additional travelling and set up time.
  3. As I mentioned in the guide above, your location will also be a factor and for shoots in the UK, you’ll often pay more if you’re based in London, the south east or a major city where business costs are higher.

Search out a photographer that specialises in headshots and branding photography

I’d encourage anyone considering a professional headshot to work with a photographer that specialises in headshots and branding photography.

A specialist headshot and personal branding photographer will have more experience in posing and directing their clients and they’ll have invested in equipment designed for headshots. This might include portrait lenses and studio lighting to capture you looking your best.

Check out their reviews

Ask your photographer about the work they do and check out their Google reviews to see what their clients are saying. Does the price they charge reflect the quality of their work and how they make their clients feel?

Do you like their work?

Just because a photographer is more expensive doesn’t mean they’re the right photographer for you.

Take a look at their portfolio. Do you like the style of photography. Do the headshots look natural and relaxed. Does their work fit with you and your brand?

Arrange a consultation call and have a chat. Do you connect and can they create what you’re looking for?

If you like their style of photography and you have a good rapport, there’s a good chance they’re the right photographer for you.

So in conclusion…

I appreciate I may have left you with more questions than you started with! However I do I hope I’ve given you some answers to the question of how much does a headshot photographer cost!

If you’d like to find out more, I’ve written a series of headshot photography FAQs. Clients often ask me these questions, so I hope you find them helpful.

If you prefer a chat instead, or you’d like to plan a headshot session you can book a complimentary consultation call here. 

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