Artisan baker wearing his apron with arms crossed and some of his bakery products

Case Study – Does your food and drink photography tell your story?

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We need food and drink to to nourish ourselves. But it’s so much more. It’s social and fun, hits our pleasure zone and reminds us of our childhood and our travels! For a minute consider how many food related marketing messages you’ve seen in the last month. We’re bombarded with content, especially from the big brands. If you’re lucky enough to work in this amazing industry you’ll know how important it is to tell your story and stand out from the crowd.

Recently I photographed three family owned food businesses based in the Somerset village of Rode. Here’s a quick introduction to the producers and their storytelling photography.

The clients

Joe Wilkin from the Village Baking Co. (featured above) can be found creating his sour dough loaves, cinnamon buns and weekly specials in his small bakery in Rode. You can’t miss Joe, with his striking red beard and pin striped flour coated apron.

This is a young business that’s quickly built a loyal following. Sourcing ingredients with provenance and serving the community and local retail outlets.

In recent times many of us have reconnected with local producers, recognising the importance of community. So it’s great to see The Village Baking Co. thriving in these challenging times.

Ben Tollworthy from Somerset Foodie is another great example of a business responding to a gap in the market. Somerset Foodie sources hard to find ingredients, helping you create amazing food, quickly at home.

When you meet Ben you realise he’s a foodie by name and by nature. Ben’s full of energy, passionate about the suppliers he works with and the ingredients he sources.

He’s pretty comfortable in front of the camera too. Showing your face and connecting with your audience is so important. Share your journey, build a relationship and you’ll see your customers return time and time again.

Sommerset Foodie logo
Composite image of the Somerset Foodie preparing a pad thai

And finally, this is Tim Fussell. The Fussell family have farmed in Somerset for generations. Back in 2005 they set up Fussels Fine Foods and now they grow and cold press rapeseed to produce oils, dressings and mayonnaise.

I photographed Tim in November, too early to see the golden yellow rapeseed in the fields. It’s still important to check the crop though, to make sure it’s on track for next year’s harvest.

Back in the pressing room is where the magic happens! This is where the rapeseed is cold pressed and filtered, creating a wonderful golden and versatile oil.

Fussels logo
Composite image of Tim Fussel in the rapeseed fields and the oil pressing room

The result

Bath Life created a superb multi-page editorial feature, titled the “Foodie Rode Trip”, celebrating all things Foodie in Rode. What a fantastic outcome for all involved – the feature delivered excellent awareness and helped put Rode on the map as a foodie destination.

Bath Life logo
Bath Life Feature - the Foodie Rode Trip with photos by Nick Cole Photography
Bath Life Feature - the Foodie Rode Trip with photos by Nick Cole Photography

Choc on Choc photos by Choc on Choc. 

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