Keri with her family, all holding hands on a country day out in north Wiltshire

Wiltshire family photo session

A beautiful experience from start to finish.

Nick was just perfect for our family. Nick’s patience, understanding and empathy ensured we all had natural smiles with no posing required. We’re over the moon with our prints, probably because they represent such a fab family time we had during the shoot.  Very highly recommended.

Keri Lynch, North Wiltshire.

Keri contacted me as she was keen to bring her family together for a photo session. Living in a stunning corner of north Wiltshire, she wanted their photos to reflect where they live. Keri wasn’t looking for studio photos, she wanted something more authentic and natural – photos that told a story about the family and captured the children’s personality.

Keri also needed to get the rest of the family on board!  This is why a planning session is so important. Every family is different and you can’t just turn up, point the camera and expect to get great photos.

I’ll ask a few questions, but also I’ll also encourage the family to tell me what they’re looking for. How would you describe your children and your partner? What are your interests?  Are you an active outdoor family or do you prefer the intimacy of your own home.

It’s also good to understand how you plan to showcase your photos, are you looking for digitals or would you like prints?  I’m a firm believer that a print brings an image to life, but that’s a topic worthy of its of its own blog!

As a keen photographer, Keri realised she wasn’t in any of their family photos. She was always stuck behind the camera! So making sure everyone was included was high up on her wish list. 

Keri had lots of ideas about the location and the style of shots she was looking for, but she was also receptive to tips and suggestions to get the most out of our time together. That really helps me, it’s a two-way process. I’ll listen to what you ‘re looking for and I’ll guide you with a few ideas so we get the most out of the session.

The location Keri chose was absolutely perfect with lots of variety – a village walk, open grassland, winding paths, gates and styles to lean on and a rusty old barn with shade and character.

When I’m photographing a new location I never quite know what the conditions or lighting will be like on the day. I always check beforehand, but quite often as we’re walking and talking I’m looking for the perfect spot – a bench where everyone can take a break, a winding path with a great view or a shaded area if we need to soften the light.

The photos sessions are never rushed, so we can work around the children’s energy levels. Lots of encouragement from parents helps to get the children involved in activities and keeps everyone relaxed.

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