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Case Study – Storytelling photography with landscape contractor JPR Environmental

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Sector: Environmental Land Management

About the client

JPR Environmental, a Gloucestershire based ecological landscape contractor, specialise in projects with an environmental or ecological component that enhances or benefits wildlife. They offer a broad range of services including land management, wildlife protection and mitigation. In addition they offer erosion control solutions and wetland habitat management with prestigious clients including the Environment Agency, the Slimbridge Wetland Centre and the National Trust.

JPR Environmental’s Brief

JPR Environmental are technical experts in their field, however they recognised there was a need to show more of what they do, and bring their services to life in their marketing.

Many of the services JPR offer aren’t immediately obvious to the untrained eye, so it was important to show the team in action, with content that also showed the benefits and results achieved.

In addition JPR’s projects can take many months to complete. Multiple processes are involved which may include vegetation clearance, landscaping along with complex processes to control water flow and wildlife habitat creation. After the project is complete there is also a rewilding stage as the natural habitat recovers and the site blends back into the environment.

JPR Environmental decided to work with Nick Cole Photography to help capture the story and the journey as a new site is developed. Many of the processes involved are highly specialised and JPR wanted to capture the skills and professionalism of their team in a natural and authentic way.

It was Nick’s ability to capture a visual story as it unfolds that was of particular interest to the team at JPR Environmental.

Our approach

Before every shoot a detailed brief is agreed with the client. It’s essential everyone is clear so there aren’t any surprises on the day. Often the brief will allow for some creative freedom and on this occasion the client was present and able to offer some additional guidance and support which is really helpful.

Once Nick arrived on site he needed to quickly scan the scene and build a rapport with the team. On a construction site, health and safety is a must – it’s important to stay safe while you’re hunting around for the best composition and light.

This site was also on a steep incline with heavy clay and extremely muddy, so not ideal conditions for a storytelling shoot! In the challenging conditions it wasn’t safe or practical to set up lighting equipment, so Nick used his expertise to make the most of the limited winter light and capture the activity as it happened. There’s still time for direction but this needs to happen quickly and intuitively.

The result 

This approach captured the story in a relaxed reportage style, creating an authentic and unstaged look, with plenty of content to support JPRs marketing activities.

Nick was professional and relaxed

…which made for a great photoshoot to showcase our team at work. We look forward to working with Nick in the future.  

Tom Hyde, JPR Environmental.

Storytelling photography montage with JPR environmental

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