Montage of three photos from a vet practice storyetlling photo shoot

Case study – Vet photographer with Chalkland Vets

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Sector: Veterinary and Medical

About the client  

Veterinary surgeons Selina Walters and Phillipa Hunt have worked together for many years. They share the same vision and wanted to open an independent community veterinary practice where they could offer the highest care to their clients and their pets.

This led to the launch of Chalkland Vets, who offer a wide range of veterinary services for companion animals in Chippenham and Wiltshire.

As the practice grew, it was important for Chalkland Vets to communicate their values. They also wanted this to come across clearly in their marketing. With the launch of a new website, they would be able to bring this to life with engaging copy and storytelling photography.

Chalkland Vets brief

Visiting a vet can be stressful, particularly when a pet is unwell. So it’s really important Chalkland Vets build trust and confidence with their clients.

The new website needed to showcase the surgery, the services available, and most importantly, portray the caring and friendly environment their clients and their pets experience.

Chalkland Vets were keen to use as much of their own photography as possible and reduce their reliance on stock photography. They wanted their website to feel authentic and relatable.

Montage of three photos from a vet practice storyetlling photo shoot

Our approach as a vet photographer

Well, they say don’t work with children and animals, so we skipped the children this time.

Seriously though, the animals were at the heart of this project. Chalkland Vets have a fear-free approach to handling and caring for animals, so it was important this came across in the photography.

Throughout their website, you’ll see the equipment and facilities. There are photographs of the X-ray machine, the K-Laser, and the operating theatre with keyhole capability. These are included to bring the core services to life.

In addition, you’ll also see vets, nurses, and reception staff caring and treating the animals with warmth and confidence. Showing relaxed and friendly consultations gives clients who are thinking about booking an appointment the confidence that their pets will be in safe hands.

The results 

With the launch of their new website, Chalkland Vets have brought together their brand, their values, their copy, and their storytelling photography.

Everything feels aligned and on-brand. In addition, the use of bespoke photography rather than stock feels authentic and builds trust.

Anyone visiting the website for the first time will quickly get a feel for the client and pet-centered approach at the heart of Chalkland Vets.

The photos perfectly capture the practice…

We recently had a business storytelling session with Nick, our vet photographer, at our veterinary practice. He took the time to get to know us and our business and find out what we wanted to achieve. The photos are really high quality and perfectly capture what we do here.

They showcase our services and portray the relaxed and warm environment we see our patients in. We couldn’t be happier with the result. Highly recommended.

Selina Walters, Chalkland Vets, Veterinary Surgeon and Partner

Black Labrador and dog owner during a veterinary consultation
Montage of three photos from a vet practice storyetlling photo shoot

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