Storytelling business photography - montage of healthcare sector employees at work

Case study – Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Photography with Pharmaxo

Sector: Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

About the client

Pharmaxo work closely with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies to produce and administer life changing medicines for some of the most vulnerable in society.

Their manufacturing and healthcare divisions in Corsham, Wiltshire support the NHS with extra capacity. Additionally, with strong connections to academia, their R&D teams research how to improve value and safety throughout the medical supply chain.

Pharmaxo’s brief

As a leading provider of healthcare and pharmaceutical services, Pharmaxo are a people centred business. Their marketing content needs to communicate their services along with their patient centred, caring values.

Pharmaxo were creating a new up to date website and they needed photography to create a visually engaging experience. The new photography needed to support the website wireframe, marketing messages and copy, and seamlessly blend with existing photography.

Our approach

Working closely with the marketing manager the overarching plan for the photoshoot was agreed beforehand. This included reviewing the key services, facilities, and the spaces available for photography. Any constraints around team working hours, access to production facilities and hygiene associated with high care manufacturing was also considered beforehand.

Kizzie Evans, Marketing Manager at Pharmaxo was present throughout the shoot, ensuring all the important images for the website were captured.

The day was structured with photography in multiple locations and a shot list to keep everything on track. However, there was also the flexibility to build relationships with the teams, to help everyone relax in front of the camera and react to opportunities throughout the day.

The results

Pharmaxo have included their services and culture in a new website that feels fresh, vibrant, people centred and on brand. The new website has a clean design and it’s easy to read and navigate.

One of the areas where Pharmaxo’s new website really stands out is the use of original storytelling photography. The website uses Pharmaxo employees throughout the site and you won’t find any models or stock images. This gives the site a refreshing authenticity that’s rarely seen in the healthcare sector.

Nick was professional throughout and put everyone at ease…

Nick was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. Prior to the shoot, we had comprehensive chats about everything we wanted to achieve which led to a proactive and organised shoot day. The images we got back were better than we could have imagined. Thanks so much Nick and we can’t wait to work with you again.

Kizzie Evans, Marketing Manager, Pharmaxo.

Storytelling business photography - montage of healthcare sector employees at work
Storytelling business photography - montage of healthcare sector employees at work
Montage of employees at healthcare specialist Pharmaxo working in the R&D laboratory and pharmaceutical production area.

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