Planning your business photography session and how it all works

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Before your photography session…

We’ll explore your business, the brand and the message you want to communicate with your photos.

As part of the planning process we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire – this gives you the opportunity to outline your plans and who will be involved. It’s also helps you develop your ideas to make sure you’re really clear how you’ll be using your business photography.

The location makes a huge contribution to the look and feel of your photography – so we’ll spend time exploring location options with you. You may have a few ideas and we can develop them and share a few new ones too.

How will you use your business photography?

Maybe you have a website relaunch and you’re looking to reduce your reliance on stock images. Perhaps you need to refresh your images or showcase a new service you’re launching.  Let us know what you want to create and we’ll photograph with your end use in mind. We’ll talk about the styling, lighting and the visual look of your images, so the end result is consistent with your brand.

If you’re working with a graphic designer, web designer or marketing agency, let us know. We’re happy to collaborate with them, to make sure your photos are optimised for their end use.

Helping you overcome nerves

For many of you, the thought of a photo session might fill you with dread!

You may feel self-conscious about how you’ll look, or worry how you’ll come across in your photos. It’s totally natural! You put a lot of thought and care into what you do, of course you want your photos to do your work justice.

You’ll be guided at every stage. We’ll get to know you first, what your business plans are and how you intend to use the images. This allows us to create something that truly reflects your vision. And taking it one step at a time helps reduce stress, so all you have to do is enjoy the experience…

What might your photos look like?

Photos of you in action, acting natural, are great for storytelling and personal branding, while commercial marketing images bring you, your team and your service to life.

Ultimately, each set of photos will ‘look’ very different, as your brief will be different to the next person’s. But the aim is the same: to create authentic, dynamic and compelling storytelling images that leave your audience wanting to engage with you and your business.

Viewing and using your business photography

Following your photo session, we’ll start the editing process. This is where we select the strongest images from your photo session and take them to the next level. The editing techniques we use are subtle. They’re designed to keep your photos looking natural, and at the same enhancing the storytelling elements so they’re even more engaging.

Your photos will be ready to view through your private on-line gallery within two weeks. Here you’ll be able to download all the images optimised for web, social or print, so you have one less thing to do. You can also choose to have your favourite images printed or framed. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you create a bespoke digital or print solution.

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