What should I bring to a personal branding photoshoot?

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In the article “what is a personal branding photoshoot” I outlined the essential steps to help you plan and prepare for your personal branding photo session.  This process will help you understand what you should bring to a personal branding photoshoot.

If you follow this simple process and work closely with your photographer, you’ll find you’re so much more relaxed on the day. You’ll turn up knowing you have a really clear plan to bring your personal branding stories to life.

The essential steps are…

  • Do your brand research so you’re really clear on your unique selling point (USP) and your ideal client
  • Create a mood board and bring all your ideas together
  • Nail your brand shot list so you don’t forget the important shots
  • Choose the right location for you!
  • Plan your styling and select your outfits
  • And then bring it all together for your personal branding photoshoot

When it comes to the day itself try and keep your diary clear if you can. You’ve spent lots of time preparing for your photo session, so try and forget the to do list for a few hours, relax and treat yourself to some ‘me’ time.

Depending on the location for your photoshoot and the package you’ve chosen you’ll have time for a few outfit changes too. If you’re at your home or in the office you’ll have plenty of space to change your outfits.

What should I bring to a personal branding photoshoot?

When considering what you should bring to a personal branding photoshoot, much will depend on the location of the photoshoot.

If you’re on location you’ll need to bring your outfits with you to your personal branding photoshoot. Keeping it simple is best if you’re out and about. You may still be able to pop into a local café for a quick outfit change, so it’s worth thinking about all the little details as you plan your location.

I’d also recommend bringing all your accessories and any props in a light weight, comfy bag. Pop in any make-up you might need as a top up, pack a hair brush, a small mirror and a small bottle of water to keep you refreshed.

If you’ve got a pair of trainers or comfy flat shoes they can be a life saver. You don’t want to be walking for miles in your heels, so pop on your flats and do a quick change for your photos!

If you’d like to find out more about creating your branding photos, I’ve written a series of personal branding photography FAQs. Clients often ask me these questions, so I hope you find them helpful.

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