How much do headshot photographers charge per hour in the UK?

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Businessman having a headshot photo taken

If you’ve decided to refresh your headshots you’ll probably be starting to explore what’s involved and how much it costs. With that in mind, an important question to ask is how much do headshot photographers charge per hour in the UK?

In the article “what is headshot photography” I covered some of the elements that combine to create a successful headshot. Essentially we’re creating an image that focuses on the head and shoulders. A great headshot should communicate personality, confidence and approachability.

It can be quite difficult to compare one photographer with another as the approach to the photo session and what’s included can vary wildly.

How much do headshot photographers charge per hour in the UK? It’s quite unusual for a photographer to simply charge by the hour though. The photo session may take an hour, but there are other factors that are more likely to affect the price, such as…

  • The photographers experience and the quality of their work
  • Your location, for example a London based headshot photographer may charge more as their costs are higher
  • Whether your headshot session is studio based or on location
  • Allocated time for outfit and location changes
  • Image retouching options
  • The image licensing agreement
  • How many photographs are included

Comparing photographers can be quite difficult, so my advice would be to look at a few photographers websites. If you like their work and you feel there’s a good fit with your business or personal brand, drop them a note and set up a consultation call.

Having a proper conversation with your photographer is essential. It’s an opportunity to ask lots of questions and you’ll quickly work out if there’s a connection.

If you’d like to find out more, I’ve written a series of headshot photography FAQs. Clients often ask me these questions, so I hope you find them helpful.

If you prefer a chat instead, or you’d like to plan a headshot session you can book a complimentary consultation call here. 

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