What to wear for your on location photo session

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Family photography - dad playing with young boys on hot summer day at Westonbirt Arboretum

Are you responsible for helping your family choose what to wear for your photo session?

I’ve pulled together a few tips to help you choose the right clothes for the day. These are just for guidance – if you do one thing, choose clothes that make you feel comfortable and reflect your personality.

Dress for the weather and think about comfort

The weather in the UK is never guaranteed, so it’s worth preparing for changeable weather. Try and make sure everyone’s in clothes that won’t make them feel too hot or cold. If you feel comfortable you’ll enjoy the session much more. Wear clothes you would normally wear and consider how you can accessorise your outfit to add a little more interest. Don’t force your family into a style that’s not them; just be your normal selves.

If you have a small backpack it’s helpful to bring along a light raincoat for everyone, just in case we get caught in a shower. You may also have space to squeeze in a few snacks and a drink to keep the energy levels up.

Coordinate but don’t match

Family portraits often work well when there’s a coordinating colour theme. It’s worth trying to avoid matching outfits so everyone’s character can  shine through. Have a think about a theme that brings your outfits together and weave in complimentary colours to add interest. SaveSave

Be careful with strong patterns and colours

With portrait photography simple is often best and it’s the same with your wardrobe selection. Strong colours or bold patterns can be distracting and may look different in a photograph to how we see them in the real world. In a photograph our eyes are often attracted to strong colours and this can create an imbalance. If you want to capture your personality you could mix it up by accessorising with complimentary colours. 

When selecting colours, neutral and earth tones are preferable to bold and highly saturated colours. Not only can bold colours change the way we look at an image they can also, through reflection change your skin tone.

Having said that, if you think bright colours reflect your personality and you want this captured in your portrait, don’t hold back and choose the  colours you love.

Changing outfits

If you would like to capture different styles in your portrait session feel free to bring along a change of clothing or any accessories.


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