It’s the time for new year resolutions

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Spring time family photography with young girl on walk near Bath

It’s easy to get caught in the cycle of making too many resolutions

Do you set too many resolutions and before you know it you’re back to old habits?  Think about some small changes that over time will have a big impact.

I have a small challenge for you when it comes to family photography

I want to encourage you to take more photos of your family this year. But don’t just take more photos. When you pick up your camera think about the composition, the light and the story you want to tell. You can do this yourself or find a family photographer to help you.

Three quick tips to help you elevate your family photos

If you plan to take photos yourself try out these simple tips.

1. What do you love doing when you’re all together?

Some families love the outdoors and want photos of their children being active and exploring the world. For other families they want to capture their children’s creative side. Take the time to understand what makes your family tick. Have a think about what you love doing as a family when you spend time together. If you look back at some old photos, are there a few special ones that give you that warm tingling feeling.

2. Help everyone relax

Most of us aren’t used to having the camera focused on us – it can feel quite intimidating. Getting your family and children involved in activities is a great distraction. At the same time you can capture wonderful photos with relaxed and natural expressions.

3. Print and display your photos

We’re so used to looking at photos on our phones. We’re taking more photos than ever but they seem to have less value.

A family photo session is all about slowing everything down. Taking the time to connect with each other, and creating a set of images you’ll treasure forever.  Printing a few of your favourites makes such a difference.  Putting a few special photos in an album or framing them, allows you to enjoy the image without distractions. It may be a quick glance as you walk by a framed print, or a more intentional look that takes you back to a special time with your family.

So take a leap and be more intentional with your photography.

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