What’s your family photography legacy?

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A large family group photo taken in the 1970's

At the weekend my wife Gaynor and her brother visited their mum in her care home in North Wales. Apart from a few phone calls during the Coronavirus lockdown and attempts with Facetime, this was the first face to face visit for nearly four months.

The care home limited access to two family members and all visits had to take place outside. They gathered under a gazebo to keep out of the rain and wearing face masks they wrote messages on a white board as their mum is profoundly deaf. It was all very surreal, but it worked and she was delighted to see two of her children.

They spent the rest of the day clearing out the family home to prepare it for renting. A daunting task as you work through a life time of possessions and decide what to keep and what to let go.

As Gaynor was clearing and sorting, she came across two folders of photos from the fifties, sixties and seventies. Some were of her parents when they were younger and others when they had a young family.

They were stunning photos and they’d never seen them before.

Each one told a short story about life as it was then. The holidays at Black Rock Sands, family gatherings and special occasions, the mini-skirts, perms and bell bottoms and the colour tones of the prints.

It got me thinking – what will our children do when the time comes?

Will they have access to a beautiful set of prints that we’ve collected over the years, or will they message an Instagram or Facebook bot to organise a download of our digital legacy.

I know which one I’d prefer them to do!

Have you thought about your family photography legacy, the images you’ll leave and the story they’ll tell for future generations?

It can be quite emotional unearthing photos that have been stored away for decades. I’d love to hear what you’ve found or inherited and how you felt as you unlocked the memories.

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